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Benefits of Brush Fencing For Adelaide Homes

When you work with Hewitt Fencing, you can be confident that you're dealing with an experienced team of professionals who use only the very best materials, including top-quality brush from local South Australian brush cutters.

Brush fencing is visually appealing and is more attractive than traditional post and rail fencing because the framework is on the inside, meaning that your fence looks good both from the street and from your home. An added benefit is that a brush fence significantly  reduces street and traffic noise, and adds an additional layer of privacy, adding to your overall quality of life.

Additionally, for homes in the Adelaide Hills and other rural areas, brush fences act as ideal windbreaks, and have the advantage of being able to be erected on sloping ground and offering natural drainage.

Brush is also a sustainable, environmentally-friendly material that requires little secondary processing once it has been cut, while brush can continue to be cut from the same bush for a long period of time, making it a renewable resource. This means that not only does brush fencing enhance your home's visual appeal  but it also helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Locally-sourced Australian Mallee Brush
Australian Mallee Brush is renowned for its durability, low maintenance and for creating an unfussy natural look. Unlike fences made from timber, brush does not rot or crack and is also termite proof.

At Hewitt Fencing, we specialise in working with homeowners to meet your individual needs. If your property has unique characteristics, such as a much-loved tree that needs to be accommodated or a garden with unusual dimensions, we are always happy to provide tailor-made solutions.

Unrivalled Brush Fencing Expertise
Brush fencing installation and maintenance requires craftsmanship, experience and skill, and we employ today the same traditional techniques that have been in use for the last fifty years. We also understand and appreciate the unique qualities of Adelaide heritage properties, and are vastly experienced at designing and installing brush fences that complement and enhance their character.

The Benefits of Brush Fencing

  • enhanced privacy
  • natural, uncluttered look
  • ideal windbreak
  • improved noise reduction
  • complements historic and heritage properties
  • sustainably-sourced
  • environmentally friendly